Monday, April 26, 2010


Welcome to A Dose of Darling.

If you're aware of this blog already, you are probably familiar with my tumblr account. You might also be wondering what happened to that blog. Well, it's still there, but i won't be updating it. I made the move to blogger because I was frustrated with tumblr's photo set up, and i wanted to be able to better explain my photos in the future. So, I moved to blogger, but I haven't yet figured out a couple things:

-if anyone knows how to import my post from tumblr to here, I would be very happy :)
-also, please let me know if anyone knows how to send links to ne posts straight to facebook/twitter.


Also, I probably will not be updating for a couple weeks because of exams, and projects, and such, so please post answers to the above questions, and/or any ideas for the blog! Thanks!!

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